Some Features of the emerging Smart Grid

Whilst the term Smart Grid is not yet formally defined there are a number of features which are clearly part of the characterisation:

  • Collection of data from remote points on the Grid
  • Provision for data in new formats and via new communication channels
  • Data concentration, interpretation and dissemination to different "data consumers" within the utility
  • Enhancement to existing control and planning systems to make use of this new data

(There are lots more but that's a start)

Smart Grid Applications

A Smart Grid is not something a utility can rush out and buy off the shelf. Nor is it a single 'thing'. Instead it is a collection of smaller schemes and projects which taken together can be considered a Smart Grid.

Smart Grid Building Blocks

Smart Grids have already started developing. We include here just some of the applications which can be considered part of the smart grid. In each case the focal point of the smart new data generated from the network is iHost.

Remote Fault Passage Indication
Installing a network of communicating FPIs means that network control engineers get near real-time notfication of the section of network which holds the source of the fault.
Conductor Temperatures and Load
Overhead lines are restricted in the amount of load they can carry based on static models of what seasonal temperatures will be. Installation of sensors which provide dynamic data allows the network to carry more load safely.
Cable Pressure Monitoring
Monitoring pressure alarms from oil filled cables can now be safely done without the need for pilot cables. This reduces the cost of maintaining the network without a loss of functionality.
Partial Discharge Detection
The substation 'knows' that partial discharge events are taking place and provides automatic early warning. Utility engineers can take immediate action before serious failures occur..
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iHost provides data collection, data concentration and protocol conversion resources for Smart Grids

iHost provides data collection, data concentration and protocol conversion resources for Smart Grids

iHost provides the power utility with the hub for the data collected from the developing 'Smart Grid'.
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