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Extending SCADA into the network
See beyond the limits of SCADA into your distribution network using iHost.
Fault Passage Indicator Systems
Link all your remote FPIs into your NMS/DMS screens.
Managing MV remote assets
Management of data and applications from MV Remote Assets.

The iHost Concept

iHost provides a unified approach to embracing the product specific behaviour of each new smart box device added to the power distribution network.

The number of products for use on the distribution network which provide wireless communications as an option has grown rapidly over recent years. This trend is going to continue and the rate of growth is likely to increase. Indications are that wirelessly enabled devices will become the standard product offer from manufacturers. An army of helpful 'smart boxes' is coming to a utility near you!

Utilities need to adapt

The modern utility needs to find new ways of thinking about these smart box devices which goes beyond the hopeful asumption that they are simply RTUs to be integrated into the SCADA / NMS system.

Manufacturers are producing products with embedded communications and utility engineers and managers are keen to exploit the benefits this new functionality offers. Utilities need to plan for how to deal with this challenge.

Flexibility vs. Consistency

iHost enables a utility to manage the implementation, deployment, security and support of growing populations of smart box devices.

Each new smart box product on the market is likely to be different from those already being used. This is self evident becuase they are different products, from different manufacturers, fulfilling different network needs. Sorry - but that's how it's going to be!

Any approach to using populations of different smart boxes needs to have a flexible solution ready to share this newly collected data throughout the utility infrastructure.

It is clear that the "traditional network" management and technical tools available to the utility do not have the capacity, flexibility or cost base to take up the challenge of managing populations of products with smart box functionality.

Introducing iHost

iHost provides the utility with a unified approach to these new communicating smart boxes. Designed with utilities specifically for this new role iHost embraces both the divergent behaviours of each new type of smart box device with the need for a utility to manage the implementation, deployment, security and support of these devices.

iHost Part of the SCADA System
Insight into how the iHost platform can be used by the modern Distribution Network Operator.
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