iHost - building the connected utility

iHost provides a single platform enabling utilities to manage the increasing numbers of small, low cost, communicating 'smart boxes' installed throughout the network. Utilities need to find new ways of thinking about how to evaluate, deploy, operate and maintain these growing networks of communicating devices.

iHost is at the heart of this new thinking.

Extending SCADA into the network
See beyond the limits of SCADA into your distribution network using iHost.
Fault Passage Indicator Systems
Link all your remote FPIs into your NMS/DMS screens.
Managing MV remote assets
Management of data and applications from MV Remote Assets.

These pages are an introduction to what iHost can offer the utility. We welcome discussions around using iHost in new applications ... please get in touch .

iHost Platform - part of the Smart Grid


iHost, a new tool for electricity utilities.

simply ignoring the benefits of new technology is not an option

simply ignoring the benefits of new technology is not an option

Electricity Distribution Networks are going through a period of rapid change brought about by the drive for efficiencies from regulators and new technologies developed by vendors.

iHost provides the link needed between existing network management tools (and processes) and the growing range of applications which are being installed out on the network.

Using iHost allows the utility to make best use of this new technology without whilst at the same time extending the use of the existing infrastructure.

iHost Smart Grid Applications
Read about some of the Smart Grid Application already being used by electricity utilities.
Supported Field Devices / Smart Boxes
List of the Field Devices / Smart Boxes already being used with iHost.
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