iHost, a new tool for electricity utilities.

In 2001 Nortech realised there would be a growing population of communicating devices installed on the MV distribution network.

The likely number of installed devices, from non-SCADA manaufacturers, using different protocols and with different data processing requirements meant utility engineers and managers would need "a new tool" to manage this emerging world of data ready devices.

iHost is at the heart of this new thinking.

Extending SCADA into the network
See beyond the limits of SCADA into your distribution network using iHost.
Fault Passage Indicator Systems
Link all your remote FPIs into your NMS/DMS screens.
Managing MV remote assets
Management of data and applications from MV Remote Assets.

These pages are an introduction to what iHost can offer the utility. We welcome discussions around using iHost in new applications ... please get in touch .

iHost Platform


At the heart of the modern utility's data collection strategy.

Network Engineering

New products need to be evaluated on the network. Evaluation needs to include putting the data from these new products in front of the people who need it. iHost is designed to collect data from remote equipment, stores it in a database, and displays it using a series of webpages.

Information from your smart boxes installed out on the network is made available to the right people within the organisation.

Control Room

Sticking a PC in the corner of the control room and hoping engineers will react to the the beeping just doesn't work.

iHost allows different "smart box applications" to be displayed on the control engineers own PC.

Where a link into the Network Management System is available then the data from smart box applications is seemlessly integrated with SCADA data.

Real Time Systems

Significant overheads are associated with adding new data applications (from new products) to the real-time systems within a utility.

Where these new applications are non-critical this can seem an unreasonabe price to pay.

An alternative to blocking the use of the these new products is to implement a single iHost interface. iHost acts as the gateway into real-time systems for all the non-critical applications.

Telecoms, SCADA and Control Room....

There's a queue of engineers and managers outside your door with 'great plans' for making use of the latest new communicating gizmo for the distribution network.


Your SCADA network just won't do all this.


iHost is the tool you need.

Network Performance....

There's a great new product, it will improve network performance, data comes in over the GPRS (cellphone) network. You need to put the data in front of control engineers.


The suppliers standalone PC software in the corner of the control room just won't work.


iHost is the tool you need.

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